Black Cube Room.

Dickie Webb  

Digital Projection Drawing, 2010/2012


The piece follows on from my work regarding spaces within spaces.  This piece is an actual realisation of a space that has been discovered and its interaction with the finders..  This discovered space is toxic, like the air is radioactive and the particles are violating those that are subjected to this space.

The journey to find spaces within spaces is an adventure and a chore at the same time, constantly looking and searching yet not always finding what you set out to discover.  Through my research and exploration I have discovered many spaces and with this work I am showing my discovery of just one of these spaces feels like and how I felt on encountering such a space even though it did not exist before this.  Since discovering this space the realisation of what I have found is ever present.  I am now not in control and the space is seeking its revenge on my intrusion.  The potential of this space is greater than maybe I can handle whilst it is intoxicating and disorientating it is also an assault on the senses.  It draws on elements within spaces that you cannot always calculate such as particles which if empowered can take over, like radiation where it becomes the owner of that space.  Listening to accounts from the Chernobyl disaster and hearing how the radiation fall out was unseen by those first on the seen even though the air had changed, the taste, smell and even density of the environment was different.  People knew of the danger of radiation but not to what extent. Just because we look for the potential of something, it does not always mean we will like the actual reality of what we find. 

I wanted to install an event that could make the viewer feel like they were not in control, the space they were in somehow something else was in control, what? Well that is not answered, but is questioned..