Day 4 in Berlin and I headed to see some of the exhibitions that were a plenty.. Firstly checking in at the Deutsche Guggenheim to see Agathe Snow - All Access World show.  This took a while to get into as by its very nature was overloading.. The vast walls covered in collages and the floor filled with movable statues or monuments, once you started to interact with the pieces it seemed to become less intense and easier to digest..  Here are a couple of photos..

Here is a link to the Guggenheim Site with more information:

I went onto visit various galleries around the city especially districts with heaps of small commercial galleries.. Favourite work that I was able to see was Gary Hill's Wall Piece 2000 - moving image.  This was the first time I had seen a work by Hill and I have been hooked ever since. Here is a still from the work:


Also a link to his site: