The critique was really interesting with other students all showing work from their drawing residencies.  The work covered all approaches with work in sound, video photo, performance and of course drawing. 

My two pieces caused discussion in a few ways firstly my choice to attach the drawings to the wall using black electrical tape and secondly whether they were a pair or not.

The tape happened due to a 50/50 decision as it was either drawing pins or tape.. The pins bent when I tried to put them into the wall so hence that is how i chose to use the tape.  I feel the use of black tape was in keeping with the pieces due to these drawings being put up in a white space I wanted there to be a sense of temporary adhesion and for the attachment to some add but not detract from the work.  

The piece on the right I had worked on earlier in the week and I felt was a piece that was pointing more to what I was trying to achieve with this series.  However the piece on the left was an experiment that I did the day before that worked better than I thought I took this into the crit to see how others responded to it.  This is piece that I will be looking to push further with more versions being done to see what result I can achieve.