The lift itself is functional and all the information on the inside reflects its purpose... Stripped back, basic function...

Three floors:



Number of persons: 21
Weight: 1598 kg

Doors Open

Alarm Bell

One Fluorescent Light

One Emergency Light

I hear the phrase, 'move along nothing to see here....' 
However maybe it is the space itself and what it can contain that I should be looking at:

The space alone says it can handle 21 people however on just looking alone you can see the space is not big enough for 21 fully grown adults.  This is coming from someone who is 6'4" and weighs around 90kg.  21 of me would mean the elevator would have to handle 1890 kg... I see signs of overload going on already.  I remember being on holiday with my parents, when I was really young, in the Swiss alps.  We were in a full cable car going doing a side of a mountain when the whole car stopped and a little light the size of an LED started flashing on the visible control panel saying overloading!  It was a weird experience of people changing emotions at a flick of a switch.  The temperature in the car increased all of a sudden some people had to sit down and others started to cry.  The driver was calm and just reversed the car back to the nearest pylon until the car settled itself and we continued on our way.  It felt like hours but was probably no more than twenty minutes of my life however to this day I can remember the emotions from that journey. 

I start to think what would happen if you managed to get 21 people my size into the lift and what would happen if the lift was to overload...?  There is no driver or nearest pylon, you would hope there was some mechanism that would steady the lift and prevent it from falling down the shaft.  Unlike the movies this elevator has no escape hatch as used by action heroes like Bruce Willis....