This novel by Mark Z.Danielewski is a book that I read about eight years ago.  I am not one for reading much however this book kept me reading from start to finish with little or no effort.  My current residency made me revisit this book and think about one of the three stories that runs through the book.  The story of a photo journalist and his family moving into a house that on the outside is normal just like any other houses built of its time.  However the story unravels when members of the family start to explore a room that is within the house.  The door that leads to this room does not make sense as there should not be a space behind this door infact the dimensions of the house do not permit it to be possible.  Danielewski writes:  

"the house, the halls, and the rooms all become the self-collapsing, expanding, tilting, closing, but always in perfect relation to the mental state of the individual."

It is this idea of a space within a space that I am looking to trying and convey, raising awareness for a space that is inside another space and in someways has more importance than the space it in habits.  It is upto the viewer to accept this space and learn from it, denial of this space and its existence will leave the viewer empty and still on the outside..