The Institute of Illegal Architects (IIA)

Recruitment and Human Resources

Untutored Builders of Space and Time Scheme


The Role of the Untutored Builder of Space and Time has expanded since the position was established and will continue developing based on the needs of tutored practitioners in the fields of Design and Architecture. The job was formally a static position held at the IIA [Institute of Illegal Architects] who's offices are directly opposite the RIBA, London. But recent expansion has meant that the position has become dynamic meaning the successful candidate will be required at other locations around the U.K. The IIA will be giving new UBST's de-training and un-knowlage on how to build. Especially in accordance with new developments in the non-place, the palimpsest technique, perfomativism and new-romanticism.

UBST's are involved in a range of activities including:

  • The care and study of Pet Architectures
  • Providing 'multi-real' experiences under uncertain conditions. Namely guerrilla activities, portable, robust and low-tech materials and technologies that can adapt to a variety of conditions. 
  • Pioneering immersive theatre for an audience of one, or few.
  • Creating sites to reverse human destiny. 
  • Inventing semi-fictitious organisations. 
  • Office administration and research.

The work is both irregular and self-directed. A high level of self-motivation and organisational skills are required to be demonstrated within the successful candidate's application. There are no set hours per week but pay will be calculated on a weekly running tally of hours. Busy times tend to be around late evening - night time, September - June. Quite times tend to be morning/lunch times, June - September. Work is available throughout the year but no guarantee can be given for the set amount of hours offered. Work is offered and only needs to be accepted if the UBST is available.

UBST criteria:

  • Must be able to describe space
  • Must be able to imagine space
  • Must be able to work architectonically
  • Must show an understanding of how space creates narrative through relations of different frames of vision
  • Uncanny capability to see things hidden
  • Must have a grasp on that timeless 'quality without name'
  • A desire to montage gaps
  • Must be able to differentiate between good and bad colour
  • Possess the confidence to create architecture without architects
  • To see space as poetry
  • To employing the enlarging gaze of childhood
  • Must feel comfortable using a magnifying glass


Once you have created your application form please send it along with your CV or by post to FAO Faith Limbrick, IIA[Scotland] 82/1 Marchmont Crescent, EH9 1HD.

Thank you for your interest in the position as described above. We are excited about receiving your application.