It was about this time last year that I stumbled across this site about Sau Paulo and how the governor there is cleaning up the city and has taken drastic measures to do so.  He has removed all advertising from the city which as you can see from yourself in this link has had a dramatic effect of the feel to the city, I can only imagine how it must feel.

I have been interested ever since in the link between advertising signs and the power they have. The governor in Sau Paulo is looking to reintroduce some advertising but this time with strict control as to placement and size. My current project is at a similar stage constructing the micro sized signage and narrowing down the wording that I will install on the rooftop signs and billboards. I plan to start shooting these in the next couple of weeks, some here in Edinburgh however I am also heading to Berlin in a week so intend on taking some with me to find different backdrops.